About Us

Planetboat is established in 2018 to build polyethylene workboats being corporated within Engin & Dortler shipyard which has 40 years of experience in ship building and ship repair in Tuzla / Istanbul / Turkey. As of 2019 Planet Boat has it’s own legal entity status.

Planet Boat had a start with an experıenced team on polyethylene workboat production, with the purpose of making polyethylene boat production a reliable investment zone, which has an unstable graphic in Turkey and Worldwide since the beginning.

Planet Boat


Our Products

Agent Boats

Agent Boats 15 Meter

Planet Boat Agent Boat // Ageless boats which can be designed according to load and requirements for carrying loads and crews.


Mooring Boat 7 Meter

Planet Boat Mooring Boat // A long-life solution for marinas


Mooring Boat
Police Boat

Police Boat 12 - 14 Meter

Police boats which are able to be designed with different dimensions and specifications according to requirements


Polyethylene Buoys

Our specially designed buoys with polyethylene body are optimally useful and economical solution to customer needs. By use of UV stabilised polyethylene material, bu...

Polyethylene Buoys
Sighting Boat

Sighting Boat 7 - 9 Meter

Sighting Boat // Sighting boats with 2 persons accommodation capacity for short term vacations